Design systems engineer with 10+ years of experience and expertise in React.js, TypeScript, and CSS. Proven technical leader in design systems, committed to promoting best practices and guiding teams towards impactful work. Passionate about visual design craft, mentorship, and fostering collaboration across cross-functional teams.



As a designer, it was a pleasure working directly with Josh. He was easy to jam with, willing to brainstorm to get through any challenges, and has really great communication skills. It's always a relief when you can have such a productive relationship between design and engineering and Josh made that happen!

Ben Adelt
Senior Product Designer at Affirm

One of Josh's greatest strengths is his ability to multiply himself by elevating a team through his passion for teaching. His dedication to ensuring that his solutions scale and persist is a testament to his strategic thinking and foresight.

Josh is always thinking about the bigger picture and enjoys stepping outside of his comfort zone to accomplish his vision.

Gage Langdon
Senior Software Engineer II at Confluent

I have been lucky enough to work with Josh for several years and in all our experience together, Josh has played a critical role given his architectural capabilities and his ‘get stuff done’ attitude.

Outside of his technical prowess, Josh is all around a great person with strong communication skills and empathy for his peers. Josh is a 10x engineer and it’s with high regard that I recommend him.

Maxton Delaney
Senior Software Engineer at Confluent

Josh went above and beyond in our project by ensuring that our resulting web application was truly a joy for users to interact with. Josh's passion and talent is for making websites look genuinely beautiful, and during the time that I've known him, I've seen him transform multiple websites to be more responsive and user-friendly.

Josh is also incredibly detail-oriented and does not believe in cutting corners during the development process.

Sharvari Desai
Senior Front-end Engineer at Zapier


GoodLeap • 2020
Innovator of the Year

Recognized for spearheading architecture solutions that accelerated front-end application development, expanding our ability to offer affordable, sustainable financing to homeowners. My work contributed to GoodLeap's inclusion in Forbes' Top Innovative Fintech Companies list.

TVA • 2016
Winning at Work

Awarded for outstanding contributions to the FY15 Integrated Cultural Database Project. I developed innovative mapping technology that empowered archeologists to track and preserve Native American artifacts located in areas of cultural significance.

FedEx • 2014
Customer Focus Award

Commended for exceptional dedication to customer satisfaction during the development of a real-time data dashboard for FedEx. I automated a manual process that previously took 8 hours, providing instant access to shipment numbers and package locations.

FedEx • 2014
Director's Choice

Honored for my contributions to a 10-week intern project that reduced the time and resources required for manual data gathering and analysis, enabling FedEx to view shipment information in real time. The project was selected as the best intern project for 2014 by a panel of Directors.